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Enterprise! Talks Schedule

Did you know Entrepreneurs come to Kingston to tell about the ups and downs of their business experience one Thursday every month? And it’s built into our module.

Just go to and use the calendar to click on the day of the event and it will give you the location details. Note: there are a lot of things available on BizBoard for you to look at, so explore the site often. There are also ways to get money. 🙂

Guest speakers happen once a month so put it into your phone calendar or however you remind yourself!

Enterprise! Talks (various locations)

The Enterprise! Talks (ET) is a series of six, panel-led, discussions on the theme of entrepreneurship, led by entrepreneurs and ‘significant others’.  With the help of 12 guest contributors, the series will inspire those that wish to create something new of real value. Past students have found these sessions very interesting: not least for the networking event afterwards over nibbles and drinks.

All sessions are timetabled for 5.30pm networking, then the speaker, followed by networking till 9pm.

Go to the speaker, eat some food and have drinks afterwards, network with others and further develop your ideas as a team. Use it as part of business inspiration for your team and your future business goals.


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