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January 9, 2015 / cbkingston

The Plan

Welcome back from the Christmas break everyone. Okay now down to business…literally. The plan of attack for semester 2 is going to be more independent than semester 1 as far as classes go. Think of semester 1 as your “design thinking” training and semester 2 as your time to leave the nest. Here is the schedule of things to come, so plan accordingly as I’m considering this notice your only notice I need to give you responsible people:


15 January TRADE FAIR Business School Ground Floor 1-4pm. £10 stand fee per team. You set up a trade stand worthy of enticing customers to buy your products you will have there to sell them. (Hint: you will have product on the table, ready to sell!) A table or two will be provided. Note: two trade fairs will be arranged for you by me, but you should look for other opportunities/places to sell your goods.

22 January (Thursday 6pm, room 27 KBS) FINANCE (Accounting) AND BRANDING A member from each team needs to attend the finance session, ideally your Finance Director. Concurrently running is a session on display design and branding. This is joint with the undergraduate Young Enterprise teams.

4 February BRIGHT IDEAS COMPETITION FINAL You’ll be getting official invitations for those of you that entered the competition. Note: Decide now if you win how you want to spend the money as a team.

6 February CLASS Blogging party. A highlight of the best blog posts this year (so read blogs in advance and have your favourites selected in advance), and nominations for Blogger of the Year.

11 February Trade Fair (optional) Spitalfields Market, 10:30 – 3:30 (arranged by Young Enterprise, 5 spaces available, first come-first served, contact to reserve your space)

20 February NETWORKING PEER REVIEW and ADVERT FILM FESTIVAL You will have submitted your Networking report before class begins. Then three of your peers are going to rate your networking activity over the last seven months. The cumulative mark will be your score, which is 10% of your grade. So plan out what free conferences you are going to attend, people you dream of meeting, and who you’d like to ask to be your personal/business team mentor. We will also have our own “film festival” where you will show your 60 second adverts for your product. Have a look at adverts from past teams here.

March KINGSTON TOWN TRADE FAIR (DATE tbc) Trade Fair to be held in a high traffic area of the Kingston shopping district. It will be outdoors. Details of this location to be revealed as the town council is approving our application for space.

13 March 20 March PREP DRAGON’S DEN Today you’ll have in-class support for your finances and get feedback on your report. (Hint: you should finish your report as much as possible before this date to get the most from this feedback). If you want feedback on your presentations, schedule a session with me.

26 March (Thursday night) FINAL DRAGON’S DEN AND YOUNG ENTERPRISE COMPETITION To be held in the evening in the Business School, you’ll be competing against the other 9 undergraduate business teams. Top 2 teams get to go to the National final (typically the first part of May, date TBD). Winner of the National competition gets a free trip to the European competition. Note: you need to submit your report on Studyspace two days before the final presentation.

27 April: Blog Posts and Reflective Essay due


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