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January 17, 2014 / cbkingston

Advertising Design

The rules: It must be around 30 seconds. Maximum is one minute.

Deadline: 25 March, published to YouTube/Vimeo and linked on your team website/personal blog.

What it needs to do:

Connect with your customer on emotional, physical and cognitive levels (EPC):

Emotional: Show why the product is fun, or relaxing or clever. Think about the personality of your company.
Physical: Show how it works.
Cognitive: Show why it makes sense to buy it or use it.
Then give details of how they can contact you to get what you are offering.

Here are some examples:

The pizza box:

Emotional: It’s good for the environment, now you don’t have to waste plates.
Physical: Look how it stores, separates and fits in the fridge.
Cognitive: Go to our website and get involved.

Pepsi, 1985:

Emotional: It is refreshing, makes you different from the nerds who take life so seriously.
Physical: It is in a can, you drink it. It has bubbles.
Cognitive: Pepsi makes this drink, go buy it.

Innocent Smoothies:

Emotional: Look, I’m happy when I drink it because I feel healthy.
Physical: It is whole fruit, not just the juice. You get the full benefit. You drink it, we blend it.
Cognitive: Doesn’t it make sense to get more out of your fruit? Buy Innocent smoothies.


Emotional: finance should be fun and you can get rich
Physical: you will get money (but it doesn’t explain how, this is a commercial that assumes you know the service already and is a SuperBowl advert, meaning that it’s expensive, the story is more important than the product/service and is very short)
Cognitive: Get money by using E-trade.

What is your favourite commercial? Share it in the comments below and tell us what the EPC factors are.

NOTE: EPC terms are ways of identifying different aspects of your ‘value proposition’. This is just one way of doing it.

National YE Competition Winners (15-1 year olds):

#mace11 adverts: (curpy) (handy-Cleaning) (FLowScarf) (sitonit) (Yammy) (CUFF’D)   (ukreate) (WID) (popcup) (iQR)

Examples of #mace09 team’s adverts (they were 60 seconds):



HTFP: and


Design Balance: and

Creative Control:

Mango Media:



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  1. Macédoine / Mar 17 2011 11:47 am

    Hamlet (1989):

    Emotional: Life can be frustrating and unpredictable. Almost everybody will have experienced the slight uncertainty portrayed when using a photo booth (albeit exaggerated) so it creates and instant emotional connection with the viewer. The advert also makes great use of humour.
    Physical: Whatever happens, you can always rely on Hamlet cigars to bring you comfort and satisfaction.
    Cognitive: Don’t worry. If you want to feel happy and relaxed then smoke Hamlet cigars.

    This was one of a series of adverts that began right back in 1966, yet maintained the same message throughout. As a result the theme music used (Bach’s Air on a G String) became almost synonymous with Hamlet cigars and their message to the extent that they don’t even have to show the product itself.


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